Economics class podcast: Rishi Sunak’s dash for oil and gas

Economics class podcast: Rishi Sunak’s dash for oil and gas

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Rishi Sunak’s dash for oil and gas

  • Distinguish between the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors

  • Identify the factors of production

  • Use a diagram to explain how a nation’s factor endowments determine the position of its Production Possibility Curve (PPC)

  • Distinguish between i) a positive externality; and ii) a negative externality

  • Using a demand and supply diagram, analyse the intended effects of Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ)

  • Identify three factors which are constraining the government’s ability to spend more on public services

  • Distinguish between positive and normative economic statements

  • Evaluate the extent to which a government should prioritise global issues such as the environment over individual freedoms

Gavin Clarke, Emmanuel College

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