Homeowners and people with caravans urged to check gas hob manufacturer amid explosion warning

Homeowners and people with caravans urged to check gas hob manufacturer amid explosion warning

An urgent warning has been issued over serious safety concerns about gas hobs after a number of incidents including an explosion which left a person seriously injured. The Office for Product Safety and Standards said every home with a gas hob should check if it is potentially dangerous

Nine UK gas hob manufacturers have committed to undertake a corrective action programme to make certain hobs safe, as a result of an investigation by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). The companies involved are Apelson Appliances UK Ltd, Buy It Direct Ltd, Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, Kingfisher International Products Ltd, Lancaster Holdings Ltd, Maurice Lay Distributors Ltd, Product Care Trading Ltd, Stax Trade Centres Ltd and The Wright Buy Ltd.

This followed a number of incidents, including an explosion at a caravan park in April 2023, where a person suffered serious burns. The investigation by OPSS identified that faulty elbow joints used to connect certain models to the gas supply could give rise to a serious risk of poisoning, burns or gas explosion and/or fire.

The companies will visit every home containing affected hobs and make them safe. Information about the brands and models are available via the companies’ websites.

OPSS is urging all affected members of the public, including those unsure whether they are impacted or not, to check the model links and contact the manufacturer. The model numbers can be found here.

OPSS issued Suspension Notices in July to stop further supplies of the affected models of gas hobs and updated its safety advice in August because the nature and scale of the risks involved is highest for those in mobile premises using LPG.

While all affected consumers should check the model links, owners and consumers in caravans, leisure homes and motorhomes should do this as a matter of urgency. If they are using an affected appliance with Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), they should disconnect it from the LPG cylinder immediately.

Owners and consumers in domestic premises should continue to be vigilant. If they smell gas or are concerned that their product poses a risk, they should contact the National Gas Emergency Helpline for their area (0800 111 999 in England, Wales and Scotland, and 0800 002 001 in Northern Ireland) or a Gas Safe registered installer.

OPSS Chief Executive Graham Russell said: “Protecting people from unsafe products is always a top priority for government. The manufacturers have agreed to undertake this corrective action programme following the OPSS investigation; now we will monitor their actions to ensure they make swift progress in making these gas hobs safe for householders and holidaymakers across the UK.”

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