Samsung Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Solutions at IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich

Samsung Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Solutions at IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich

Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, and Samsung SDI have jointly announced their participation in the highly anticipated IAA MOBILITY 2023 event in Munich, Germany, from September 5th to 10th. 

The three Samsung affiliates are collaborating to showcase a comprehensive range of automotive solutions aimed at revolutionizing connected mobility and appealing to consumers and businesses worldwide.

For the first time, Samsung Electronics is aligning automotive innovations from all of its semiconductor business units, including memory, system LSI, foundry, and LED technologies. This integration solidifies Samsung’s position as a leading provider of mobility solutions.

“IAA MOBILITY 2023 serves as an unparalleled platform for us to demonstrate the collective strength and commitment of our individual businesses, built to revolutionize the automotive industry through our expansive suite of semiconductor technologies,” said Dermot Ryan, President of Device Solutions Europe, Samsung Electronics. “Our shared vision is to collaboratively craft safer, more sustainable and profoundly interconnected automotive experiences for customers and communities worldwide.”


Memory Solutions for Future Mobility

Samsung recognizes the increasing demand for advanced computing and storage capabilities in future vehicles. At IAA MOBILITY 2023, Samsung will showcase its complete lineup of memory solutions tailored for upcoming automotive applications. These solutions, such as LPDDR5X, GDDR7, AutoSSD, and UFS 3.1 products, offer high performance and capacity, particularly in areas like infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Samsung aims to become the largest automotive memory provider by 2025, empowering customers to achieve fully connected mobility experiences.


Enhancing In-Car Experience with System LSI Innovations

As the automotive industry transitions towards electrification and digitalization, in-car entertainment and safety become crucial. Samsung will present a customized processor and sensor portfolio at IAA MOBILITY 2023 to meet these evolving demands. This includes the Exynos Auto V920 processor, optimized for premium in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, and ISOCELL Auto sensors providing comprehensive car vision. Samsung will also demonstrate in-cabin sensor technologies for driver and occupant monitoring systems.


Advancing Automotive Semiconductor Frontiers with Foundry Solutions

Samsung’s Foundry Business is focusing on automotive innovation and manufacturing excellence in response to the growing automotive semiconductor market. At the event, the company will showcase its latest automotive design solutions, including system-on-chips (SoCs), power management ICs (PMICs), battery management ICs (BMICs), and automotive microcontrollers (MCUs). Samsung will also highlight its automotive process technology roadmap, targeting mass production readiness of its four-nanometer (nm) process by 2025 and its 2nm process by 2026.


Next-Gen LED Technologies for Future Vehicles

Samsung will exhibit its advanced and customizable LED lighting solutions designed for electric and autonomous vehicles. These include PixCell LED for adaptive driving beams, Micro LED for high-resolution head-up displays (HUDs), and Mini LED for animated signal effects and communication with other vehicles and pedestrians.


Samsung Display: OLEDs Enhancing the Automobile Experience

Samsung Display, making its debut at an auto show for the first time, will highlight the advantages of OLED technology in next-generation automobile applications. OLEDs offer benefits such as True Black for improved driver visibility in dark environments, low power consumption, design flexibility, and various form factors like the Flex S, rollable displays, and slidable displays.


Samsung SDI: Cutting-Edge Battery Solutions for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

Samsung SDI is unveiling “super gap” battery solutions for future electric vehicles. These include all-solid-state batteries, cylindrical batteries, nickel manganese (NMX) batteries, and lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) batteries, along with cobalt-free options. The company emphasizes sustainability through its ESG initiatives and aims to provide top-quality products to European customers.

Samsung SDI President and CEO Yoon-ho Choi will meet with major European customers and participate in the Tech & Career (T&C) Forum, showcasing the company’s technological prowess and engaging with prospective employees. Europe, with its key automotive industry players, is seen as a vital market for the future of the EV industry.

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