Urban Institute’s WorkRise Announces New Resource on Economic Mobility in Labor Market

Urban Institute's WorkRise Announces New Resource on Economic Mobility in Labor Market

WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, WorkRise announced the launch of Working Knowledge, a new online resource exploring policies, practices, and solutions to support workers’ advancement in the labor market.

Working Knowledge features accessible summaries of the latest research, in-depth articles, interviews with key changemakers, and a curated selection of news stories and events. It serves as a one-stop shop for decisionmakers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who are making and shaping policies, offering rigorous evidence translated for their needs and presented in a format they can use for action. Members of the media can expect top-notch data that are ready to amplify with audiences interested in keeping up with best practices for creating and sustaining quality jobs.

“With the labor market in flux, economic decisionmakers need a trusted source of high-quality research and information about what works to improve work and help more people climb the economic ladder—especially for populations who have long struggled to get ahead,” said Todd Greene, WorkRise’s executive director. “As workers face challenges to advancing out of low-wage jobs, Working Knowledge serves as an essential resource for stakeholders who are eager to change the status quo.”

With its continually growing body of content, Working Knowledge builds a deeper understanding of opportunities working people need and evidence-based solutions to build a more equitable, resilient labor market. Learn more about this new resource by visiting https://www.workingknowledge.info.

About WorkRise

WorkRise is a research-to-action network focused on jobs, workers, and mobility hosted by the Urban Institute. WorkRise seeks to create a more equitable and resilient labor market that expands opportunity and strengthens economic mobility for low-wage workers. WorkRise pursues its mission by investing in research on promising practices, programs, and policies aimed at creating economic security and mobility for workers, particularly Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people, women, immigrants, and others facing historic and structural disadvantages. WorkRise convenes stakeholders across silos to develop data-driven solutions for private and public sector leaders to implement and scale to transform the lives of workers and families.

SOURCE The Urban Institute

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