Female-led business Find My Van designed to help you find your perfect new or used caravan

Female-led business Find My Van designed to help you find your perfect new or used caravan

It’s the great Australian dream. To set off on a road trip travelling the vast, open roads of the Australian outback, discovering hidden gems, and unearthing the secrets kept by our sunburnt country. And the dream just got easier.

While the concept of caravanning is steeped in tradition, a fresh wave of innovation is sweeping the sector, courtesy of the groundbreaking enterprise, “Find My Van”. This pioneering venture, steered by the visionary Vicky Taylor, is redefining the caravan procurement process, with a special emphasis on facilitating female travellers.

And for September only, they’re waiving sign-up fees saving you hundreds of dollars.

Vicky, a seasoned ex-police officer, ventured into the heart of Australia in a caravan, an expedition that unveiled a significant gap in the market. She saw a pressing need for a streamlined, customer-focused service that would alleviate the complexities often associated with finding the right caravan.

“Buying a van is a big financial decision and can be so time-consuming so I wanted to make it easier,” Vicky said.

“Women are so under represented in the industry, and that really stood out to me. So I’ve created a female-led business with a real target on female clients.”

Distinct from dealerships, Find My Van operates without holding any stock or affiliating with any specific manufacturer. Instead, it capitalizes on an extensive network to identify the caravan that aligns perfectly with the client’s preferences and requirements.

“We do a mixture of buying and advertising caravans for sale, but our bread and butter is finding caravans for people,” Vicky explains, highlighting the core philosophy of her business.

This innovative approach has garnered a loyal clientele, particularly among women who have previously encountered dissatisfaction or confusion with private sellers or other sales representatives. Find My Van is committed to fostering a culture of trust and transparency, avoiding industry jargon to facilitate a clear and informed decision-making process for clients.

The business collaborates with Redbook Inspect to undertake independent inspections on all vans they facilitate the sale of, a service they both arrange and fund, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process. It’s a service you can trust.

Furthermore, Find My Van extends its support beyond the purchase, advocating online caravan towing training for clients. This initiative imparts vital knowledge on aspects such as towing capacity and appropriate methods to pack and tow your van, preparing them with essential insights to circumvent potential challenges during their travels.

As the October school holidays loom, the prospect of embarking on a self-guided adventure in a personalised caravan is increasingly appealing. And with the September special, there’s no better time to do it.

With Find My Van, the picturesque sunsets and rugged coastlines of Australia are no longer just fragments of imagination but a reachable reality.

For more information, and to to get your dream caravan, click here. 

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