How to never lose your parked car again

How to never lose your parked car again

How many times have you left your car, gone shopping and, coming out, wondered exactly where you parked it? Or worse, gone to a music festival, or a show, returned to it at night, and been unable to locate it in the dark?

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No matter whether you are low tech, or hi-tech, there are easy ways to make sure you can always find your parked car fast and easily. Here are five of them.

Photograph your car when you leave it

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Yes, you could get out a pen and paper and write down the bay number or aisle but hello 2023! Snap a pic of your car, in its surroundings, and refer to it when you need to relocate it.

If you’re at a live event, try to photograph a landmark such as a tree, rather than just the cars next to it, in case you’re last out.

Take a photo of the entry or exit point too

Sometimes you know where your car is, roughly, but not how to get back to it.

This is common in large shopping centres, or at music festivals with multiple entries and exits. Taking a photo of the one you use, that provides a direct route back to your car, can save you hours of wandering around before driving home.

Use Google Maps to find your car

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Take the tech up a level and use Google Maps to record the location of your car. You need to make sure location services are turned on.

Once you have parked your car, open Google Maps and tap on the blue pin that shows where you are. Tap ‘save parking’ to add it to your map.

Ready to return to your car after some dedicated shopping or partying? Open Google Maps, tap on the pin, and find your car. You can even choose to get directions.

Use a parking app

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For iPhone users, Find Your Car with AR uses GPS-powered augmented reality to guide you out of that shopping centre or festival and to your vehicle. Simply tap the ‘I parked here’ button when you park your car to mark its location.

Or you can save your car’s location directly from your Apple Watch.

When you want to find your car, open the app and then you will be able to follow the arrow along in augmented reality. No matter where you are, of course, make sure you watch for other cars coming both ways.

Android users can try Find My Car – GPS Navigation to retrace their steps with the help of a pointer. You will need to tap the ‘park’ button and,  later, the ‘find my car’ button.

Be a habitual parker

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