Call to loosen up caravan laws to alleviate housing crisis

Generic caravan image.

A regional WA council is calling on the state government to relax rules around living in caravans and tiny homes on private property, as a solution to the housing shortage.

Paul Omodei, mayor of Manjimup Shire in WA’s south-west, told Nadia Mitsopoulos on ABC Radio Perth the council is regularly seeing people living in unapproved sheds and caravans because they have no other option.

“What the Shire staff are doing is reaching out to them to get them to contact them so that they can work through and find solutions. And they are solutions that that we will be suggesting to the government,” Mr Omodei said.

“The caravan and camping act, it’s now out of date, that needs to be reviewed, the state government has got the capacity put through legislation very quickly.

“At the moment, you can stay overnight for one night, for three nights with council approval, up to three months with a ministerial approval.

“So maybe we can free that up, and free up the Planning Act to allow for more than two houses on the on the property, modular housing, tiny houses, all of those options.”

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