California patrols beefed up for possible ‘LA to the Bay’ sideshow

California patrols beefed up for possible ‘LA to the Bay’ sideshow

California law enforcement agencies, responding to social media rumblings of a possible “LA to the Bay” sideshow this weekend, pledged to beef up patrols and arrest both drivers and spectators involved with the illegal street races. 

The Oakland Police Department said it would have additional resources on the street over the weekend and posted safety tips for anyone encountering a sideshow, encouraging drivers to look for safe alternative routes and avoid confronting anyone involved in the illegal events.

“If you take part in illegal sideshows in Oakland, your vehicle could end up towed & seized with a 30-day hold,” the Police Department posted Friday on X, formerly known as Twitter.  

The California Highway Patrol’s Stockton branch warned of a “zero tolerance” policy for sideshows, posting photos Thursday on its Facebook page of people in handcuffs and muscle cars on tow trucks. 

“If you choose to participate in this illegal and dangerous activity you are at risk of hurting or killing yourself or someone else,” the post said. “You also could (be) subject to an arrest and an impoundment of your vehicle.”

Sacramento police issued a similar admonition Friday.

“The Sacramento Police Department is once again preparing to address the illegal and dangerous sideshow activities that are planned to occur in our city and county this weekend,” the post stated. “We recognize the dangers these events pose to our community and those utilizing our roadways. The Sacramento Police, along with our regional law enforcement partners, have dedicated extra resources to address these events.”

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