How to increase resale value of your old car: Key tips

How to increase resale value of your old car: Key tips

A car is not just a machine for commuting but it is a machine of passion. A car is an aspirational product for many consumers. This is one reason why many people opt for upgrading their cars even before the existing vehicle’s life is past the deadline. However, getting the right value out of a used car while selling it is a tricky part and often subjective. If you are planning to sell your old car, but wondering how to get the best value for the vehicle, you should follow some easy and useful tips.

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| Updated on: 10 Sep 2023, 12:16 PM

If you’re planning to sell your old car, but wondering how to get the best value for the vehicle, here are some key tips. (REUTERS)

Before you start thinking about selling your old car, always pay attention to some useful and easy tips, which will help you to properly prepare the vehicle for sale. Following these tips can make a big difference in how much you can get out of the old car.

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Always service the car timely

Servicing the car in a timely manner is not only good for the health of the vehicle but also helps in increasing its resale value. P{erforming the routine servicing and maintenance of a car include things like oil changes, refilling essential fluids, tyre rotation, brake replacement etc. This enables the car to run smoothly, which always offers great resale value.

Maintain service history

Always ensure the car is in the best shape by opting for timely servicing. Also, make sure you keep the comprehensive service history of the car documented. This helps in maximising the resale value of the car during a sale. Keeping up the car’s service schedule is an important part of maintaining the vehicle and making sure it runs smoothly. Keeping the service record is part of the proper documentation of the vehicle. The other documents you should keep carefully include title documents, receipts and other paperwork that may be relevant to the sale.

Keep the car clean

Keeping the car clean is the basic maintenance you need to perform. This not only keeps the car good-looking but enhances the resale value as well. A clean car is always worth more than a dirty car. Maintaining the cleanliness of the car makes it an attractive option for potential buyers. Keeping the car clean requires periodical washing, waxing and keeping it covered as and when needed. This protects the car from dust and other harmful elements.

Repair minor damages

Fix any minor damage or scratches on the car to increase its resale value. If there are any minor scratches or dents on the body of your car, it is advisable to fix them before selling it off. You can think of replacing parts or panels of the car that have seen better days. For example, replacing worn tyres or brakes with new ones ensures increased resale value.

Take care of the cabin

A customer not only checks the exterior of a car but also carefully inspects the cabin before making a buying decision. Having a clean and neat cabin is essential to impress a potential buyer if you are selling your old car. Maintaining a pleasant odour inside the cabin is a must. For this, you should regularly clean the interior of the vehicle, including the carpets and upholstery. Vacuuming the cabin of the car helps in the removal of dirt and debris that can create unpleasant odours. Try to use cabin air fresheners to keep your car smelling good.

Upgrade technology

Adding features such as a Bluetooth audio streaming system, a rear-view camera, or a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation can make the car more attractive to potential buyers. So, to increase the comprehensive value of the car before selling it off, think about upgrading it with such features.

How to increase the resale value of your car

Step 1 :

Service the car timely

Step 2 :

Maintain service history

Step 3 :

Keep the car clean

Step 4 :

Repair minor damages

Step 5 :

Keep the cabin in good shape

Step 6 :

Upgrade technology and features

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