Readers dislike fees for water, credit cards, tips

Tip jars have become an increasingly common sight
Tip jars have become an increasingly common sight
  • Readers upset about one local restaurant charging for tap water.
  • Consumers are also upset that more businesses are charging customers to use credit cards.
  • One reader says tip jars everywhere are too much.

A local restaurant has been charging customers for a cup of water — and causing quite a stir among consumers who are also upset about what they say are other grabs at their wallets, such as fees for using credit cards and tip requests beyond what they think is fair. 

My colleague Alan Ashworth wrote a story a week ago about Wink’s, a Barberton drive-in, which has been charging 50 cents to customers for a cup of tap water. Restaurant co-owner Lisa Houck said she decided to charge for cups of tap water to recover its material costs, which include Styrofoam containers and straws. The cups with a Wink’s logo on it costs 40 cents each, she said. 

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